This special OCR service creates PDF files with searchable text, including text with horizontal, vertical or any arbitrary orientation). The following “Page Packs” are available.

Page Pack: By purchasing a page pack, you will be able to process the number of page units allocated within a 90 day window. No subscription is required. Overages will be charged at the rate of the page pack teer. Unused pages expire at the end of the period.

Page Units: Larger drawings take more time to process and that incurs more expenses. We are charging for larger drawings by calculating the canvas size of the drawing and assigning a multiplier based on a “A” size (8.5″ x 11″) standard sheet.  Each converted drawing’s canvas size will be calculated at conversion time and billed according to the table below.  You may estimate your project budget by filling in the number of drawings present for your project. For details see Canvas size calculations for drawings.

Please use the table below to estimate the needed page units for your project. Billing is based on calculations of processed files.
[supsystic-tables id=1]