How Elan GMK Supports OEM Relationships

Through a combination of Avalanche Server processing and Edge Server functionality Elan GMK can provide a bespoke document processing solution for those organisations wanting to integrate Elan GMK IP into an OEM application.

This is made possible due to some key aspects of Elan GMK technology:

  • Modular “engine” processing in the Avalanche server can be easily configured and integrated
  • Supports latest imaging technologies OCR, ICR, XML, AI, ML plus serverless apps for flexibility
  • Web-based API for easy integration with CMS, PLM, DMS systems
  • Account, user management, authentication and security fully embedded
  • Full reporting capabilities to measure performance
  • Fully deployable on customer premises
  • Various licensing models to meet customer needs
  • Ecommerce integration to enable subscription or metered business model

OEM Projects

Elan GMK have worked with a variety of customers, from large enterprises to niche applications in supporting them to create unique OEM solutions including:

  • Object and text detection within pictures, documents and collections
  • Document structure and content conversion
  • Hand-written text mass processing
  • Form-based extraction of written and image content
  • Mobile to server processing
  • Kiosk/ATM libraries and apps

How to engage Elan GMK in an OEM project

Elan GMK can co-develop the application with customers providing consulting services and support or simply provide the technology for customers to independently integrate.

Typically, the IP remains the ownership of  by Elan GMK, but source-code escrow or full code licensing is are also possible commercial arrangements.

To understand what it is like to work with Elan GMK, read About Us.

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