What does Legal and Office OCR Cloud Service Offer?

Designed for law firms, commercial enterprises, service bureaus and other organizations that are required to make their content accessible, the Elan GMK Legal and Office OCR Cloud service adds accessibility features to scanned documents creating searchable PDFs.

Scanned documents, either image or PDF files, can be easily converted to searchable image PDFs with full pdf/UA compatibility meaning all information can be made available in a cost effective and compliant way.


Unique features of Legal and Office OCR Cloud Service


  • Our solution negates the need for any post processing of files to create fully searchable PDFs reducing man hours and costs in making information available.
  • Creates PDF files with full page image displays. This is enhanced with all detected characters as a transparent and searchable overlay. This means that scanned pages are ready to be used in a content or document management system.
  • The OCR output is enhanced with an automated tagging feature that will pass validators testing for compatibility to ensure compliance.
  • Large, multipage, PDFs with several thousands of pages, can be processed enabling automation on a scale not previously possible.

To understand more about how Office & Legal OCR Cloud Service works, please click here.

What benefits does Office and Legal OCR Cloud Service offer?


Makes Archives Accessible

Offers the ability to automatically create searchable PDFs scanned documents to offer comparable accessibility to documents originating from word processing and publishing applications. This means that organizations can make all their archives accessible in a compliant way, regardless of the format they are stored in.



Government agencies in the USA and EU are required to provide features associated with assisted technology for publicly available digital content. Elan GMK Office & Legal OCR Cloud Service provides full compliance by creating fully searchable PDFs from scanned images making information available in a fast and affordable way.


No Capital Investment Needed

Offers access to highly functional, automated OCR capabilities without requiring large capital investment. This means services can engaged for on a project or on-going basis.


Flexible Payment Options

These include monthly subscriptions and page packs to suit the budget of organizations large and small.


Fully Hosted

Hosted on Elan GMK Public Server offering the highest levels of security and compliance.


Integration Support

Elan GMK will provide support for customers during integration. For Edge server deployments, where volumes of pages processed are pre-defined, the software is fully maintained throughout the active processing period.

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Edge Server

For those organizations where Cloud Services are not considered appropriate the Legal and Office OCR functionality can be provided as an Edge server. Click here to read more about our Edge servers.