What does Drawing and Plans OCR Cloud Service Offer?

The Elan GMK Drawing and Plans OCR Cloud service scans large image files of complex drawings and plans to create searchable PDF files.

It is designed for Federal Government agencies, defense, engineering, architects, manufacturing and other organisations that are required to make their content accessible. The PDF output is fully searchable with full-page images (displaying the scanned picture) and the detected characters added as a transparent overlay.

The resulting, fully searchable documents look exactly like the scanned pages is created and is ready to use in a content or document management system.  This means that documents that could previously only be deciphered manually can now be processed automatically, saving many man-hours.


Unique features of Drawing & Plans OCR


  • Optimized for Federal Government agencies, defense, aerospace, manufacturing and civil engineering and archive environments by offering:
      • Practically unlimited image or canvas size scanning. Engineering drawings and plans as large as “J” size can be processed with ease.
      • Text recognition is optimized for character types encountered on technical documents.
  • Text entities of any angle and rotations can be recognized by image segmentation routines enhancing the cognitive value of the documents.
  • Large multipage PDFs with several thousands of pages can be processed enabling automation on a scale not previously possible.

To understand more about how Drawing & Plans OCR Cloud Service works, click here.

What benefits does Drawing and Plans OCR Cloud Service offer?


Automatically Create Searchable Documents

Can automatically create searchable drawings and plans not previously possible. This significantly reduces, even negates man-hours needed to search and decipher documents manually.


No Capital Investment Needed

Offers access to highly functional, automated OCR capabilities for drawings and plans time without requiring large capital investment.


Flexible Payment Options

Offers flexible payment options including monthly subscriptions and page packs.


Public or Private Hosting

The Elan GMK public server can be hosted on MS Azure, AWS or other preferred platform. Alternatively, the Drawing and Plans OCR Cloud Service can be provided as an on-site Edge server with a pre-defined allowance of processed pages.


Latest Functionality

Continually being developed and enhanced ensuring access to the very latest OCR and search capabilities.


Integration Support

Elan GMK will provide support for customers during integration. For Edge server deployments, where volumes of pages processed are pre-defined,  the software is fully maintained throughout the active processing period.

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Edge Server

For those organizations where Cloud Services are not considered appropriate the Drawing and Plans OCR Cloud Services functionality can be provided as an Edge server.