Why Cloud Based OCR?

Elan GMK provides imaging and document delivery solutions to customers who need to make their information accessible in a compliant, cost effective way.

Elan GMK works with Federal Government agencies, defense, aerospace, engineering, law firms and many other sectors where compliance and security are paramount. The solutions developed enable the  most complex, high volume, sensitive information accessible and searchable to those who need it.

Now, these image processing and document conversion services can be made available in the Cloud through a scalable Web API. This enables developers to easily integrate advanced OCR and PDF/UA conversion into any application.

The means that highly specialized OCR capabilities can be accessed on demand to enable the scanning of drawings, plans, legal and other documents to make them fully searchable.

Drawing and plans OCR Cloud Service

Offers specialist OCR capabilities for complex drawings and plans made up of large scanned image files.

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Office and legal OCR Cloud Service

A unique OCR service for scanned legal and office documents that need to be published in accordance with accessibility standards.

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How Elan GMK OCR Cloud Services could work in your organization

The main benefit of  Elan GMK OCR Cloud Services is to make all kinds of drawings, plans and documents, however intricate and complex, fully searchable.

To give maximum flexibility, the Elan GMK Cloud Services can be used as a desktop application or integrated into an existing content or document management system using a simple API.

How it works


An intuitive management interface that enables nominated administrators to add and configure users or sub-accounts. These users can be granted permissions for certain tasks such as integration with the corporate document management system or as stand-alone users for those preferring the Desktop Client.

The Cloud Server Management Interface includes a full reporting dashboard giving details of pages processed per month and other relevant management information.

Enables developers to easily integrate the Elan GMK Cloud Services into desktop, mobile or service that manages corporate document workflows.

Multiple programming languages and operating systems are supported. This means that the Elan GMK Cloud API can be incorporated easily into document workflow systems to make documents fully searchable.

The API is used for; account management and authentication, user management, creating conversion jobs and submitting and downloading files.

Every account includes a Windows desktop client. Files and/or jobs can be converted via the Elan GMK Cloud API and processed by the desktop client which operates as sophisticated production environment.

Users can create conversion jobs from files, process the job(s) through the Elan GMK Cloud Service and download the processed files.

The progress of each job is displayed in an intuitive interface enabling users to easily monitor the progress of jobs and detect any failures that need attention.

Due to its dominance in the market Elan GMK developed a SharePoint (SP) connector to enable the automated of conversion documents into fully searchable PDFs. It is integrated through the Microsoft Flow services and to work it must be authorized using  generated API keys.

The default connector workflow is bound to an SP library that is used as an input storage for the files to be uploaded and then processed by the Elan GMK OCR Cloud Services. After successful processing, files are downloaded automatically to another SP library that is used as an output storage in the connector.

To satisfy particular user requirements, the default workflow can be easily configured and modified in Microsoft Flow. For instance, it could be extended with steps that might be useful for tracking errors and create a condition whereby an email notification is sent to a nominated recipient to check on what file an error occurred so corrective action can be taken.

Other CMS, DMS or Customer Applications

Elan GMK Cloud Services can be easily integrated into a variety of other web-enabled applications being used for corporate document management. Contact Us to learn more about the range of other  standard and proprietary applications the Elan GMK Cloud Services can support.

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Edge Server

For those organizations where Cloud Services are not considered appropriate the Elan GMK Cloud Services  functionality can be provided as an Edge server. Click here to read more about our Edge servers.