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ELAN Precise Page Positioning™

A production-oriented image cleanup, margin positioning and tool for scanned document images.
ELAN Precise Page Positioning™ In General

Elan_PPP_logo.jpgPrecise Page Positioning (PPP) is an image processing application for the document management, book production and printing markets. The program processes large volumes of raster files, and creates clean images for print-on-demand applications, document management systems and PDF publishing systems. PPP is also integrated with other ELAN GMK imaging and printing software offerings where it serves as an external, high performance image processor.  PPP ia also available as a pluging for Accent Capture® by Kofax Image Products is an Accent Capture Module that adds advanced image processing capabilities.

With Precise Page Positioning™, the page alignment and front to back registration of the page content can be automated using high-performance image processing utilities. Until now, tedious manual cleanup was required to prepare scanned images before submitting them to the printing or PDF conversion process. Additionally, the built-in raster editor gives you the flexibility to perform manual editing of problematic files without leaving the program environment.

View how PPP™ can be used for:

Here is a screen capture of the main application window:


Product Description

Precise Page Positioning is developed to position scanned images on an imaginary plate or canvas with a very high degree of accuracy and reliability. A wide array of inspection and editing options give you absolute control over the margin registration process. This makes PPP particularly useful as a Quality Control tool. We have published the help files on-line for your reference.

Why PPP?
Take a look at the impressive array of functionality:



Where Is PPP Used?




Digital printing is getting more and more popular in the industry. With PPP, you can finally automate your page positioning (also called front to back alignment) tasks. Until now, tedious manual cleanup was necessary to prepare scanned images before submitting them to the printing or PDF conversion process. PPP fits right into your workflow, used as a tool between the scanner and impositioning software. The image processing process provided by PPP is highly automated.

One of the important features of the software is the first class quality control capabilities. If PPP encounters a bad scan or another irregularity, an exception condition will be created; PPP will flag it, and the operator will be able to use a wide array of visual display aids to determine what went wrong and correct the problem using the easy to use interface.

These visual QC and editing features include:

  • Thumbnail Display throughout the process
  • Input and Output Overview after processing
  • Investigation Window of Input and Output images with Focused Zoom(tm) technology
  • Quick image editing tools


System Requirements

Operating System:

  • Windows 95
  • NT 4.0 SP6
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7

Hardware Requirements:

PPP will run on an IBM-compatible PC with minimum operating system configuration, which varies depending on the operating system. For example, a Windows 95 PC will run with 120 MHz PII, 64 MB RAM. Other operating systems have higher requirements.

Recommended Configuration:

Fast, single-processor PC with fast hard disk and high performance system bus. Windows XP/7 with 2GB RAM. Heavy color document scanning requires 4 GB RAM. A high performance graphics card and a 19"+ monitor with 1920x1024+ pixel resolution is also recommended.