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ELAN PDF and Drawing Extractor (PDE)

ELAN PDF and Drawing Extractor (PDE) is a software application used to extract images from PDF files. The output is used by document assembly applications to re-create certain content, usually technical manuals and books.
ELAN PDE™ Product Highlights

ELAN PDEElan PDE Logo-72DPI.jpg™ is a tool for extracting pictures and illustrations for PDF file. The concept is simple, but the implementation is what matters. The Elan PDF and Drawing Extractor has many unique features and can be used in a multi-user networked environment.

Product Highlights

  • This desktop application works with PDF files. Every time the user opens a file, a job will be created for that particular extraction task.
  • Images, illustrations or drawings that are present in the PDF file can be marked up using the markup tool.
  • The image captions can also be extracted using user-friendly interface elements.
  • Metadata sets can be defined, saved and loaded for a particular job. It is also possible to assign a certain metadata set as default. 
  • The user can enter metadata (index) values associated with the job or the particular image/illustration or drawing.
  • By way of batch conversion, all marked-up image areas will be extracted from the PDF file. The extracted images can be saved as PDF files or image files.
  • Batch operations can be performed on all of the extracted images. The imaging operations allow for cleanup, resizing, turning and editing operations. Sometime you nee to add some margin areas to look better: this can be done by adding or subtracting to or from the image canvas.
  • Once the user is satisfied with the quality of the extracted images and the accuracy of the metadata, a "Release" operation can be initiated. The release will export the images and metadata to named file system destination.


ELAN PDE main interface

ELAN PDE products availability

ELAN PDE is available in two different configurations. 


The SQL edition requires an existing MS SQL instance. The application is delivered with a database configuration tool.

ELAN PDE Firebird Edition:

This edition runs with the Firebird database engine (open source software). The installation script will check for the availability of an existing instance and if none found it will install the engine.