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Welcome to ELAN GMK


Our proven imaging technology, employed in numerous industries, is helping businesses large and small convert paper documents to electronic files quickly, accurately, and cost-effectively.

Products Prologue


ELAN GMK's professional imaging applications include image scanning, editing, detection, processing, indexing and conversion software.
ELAN Capture Short Description
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officefiles-faded.pngELAN Capture™ is a complete solution for scanning, editing, indexing, and converting your paper documents into digital files. Create indexed, bookmarked, searchable and optimized PDF files with ease with the aide of automated OCR and barcode recognition. Publish your files to a CD/DVD or document management applications. The Capture 3 Basic edition is available free for educational institutions and students.

PPP Short Description
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Odd-EvenELAN Precise Page Positioning™ is a scanning, image cleanup and QC software that produces perfect images for printing and publishing applications. Precise Page Positioning™ uses content detection technology for page alignment and an integrated raster editor in a batch-processing environment.

ELAN PDE Short Description
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ELAN PDF and Drawing Extractor (PDE) is a software application used to extract images from PDF files. The output is used by document assembly applications to re-create certain content, usually technical manuals and books.


Production Solutions

Our production solutions are more than a tool for a specific task: they address complex production settings.
ELAN Proofer Short Description
Proofer Suite Logo Books

The ELAN Book Publishing Solution™ (Proofer Suite) is a complete, fully integrated imaging solution for the preparation of both hard copy and digital books for on-demand printing. Supports raster and PDF input.

ELAN ELIP Short Description

DrawingsELAN ELIP™ (ELAN Illustration and Drawing Conversion Program) takes scanned raster documents or drawings and creates better quality images or PDF files. The unique imaging capabilities and the integrated optical character recognition technologies provide a framework for creating optimized output for either  high quality, visually appealing finished illustrations (TM edition) or for fully automatic conversion of poor quality scanned engineering drawings to format (JM edition).

ELAN TMC Short Description
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Technical ManualsELAN Technical Manual Converter™ provides an automated way to accurately convert large volumes of scanned documents and drawings typically used in government and manufacturing repositories into interactive, searchable, highly marked-up PDF files. By automating the conversion process, TMC™ dramatically reduces the cost-per-page of document processing and conversion.


Free Image Viewer

Glass Image Viewer Overview
Glass Logo

ELAN Glass is a very simple viewer with minimum footprint and functionality. It supports the most common file formats (tiff, jpg, gif, png, bmp), and also the C4 (TIFF) format, popular with our government customers.

Download the setup file: null ElanGlassSetup.exe.

Free License!

Note: please read the license agreement for product liability limitations.


As service bureau, we understand document imaging. Using the same great imaging tools what we are selling as software products, we are ready to attack special projects and be a partner with you solving your problems.

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