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General Business Document Scanning and Conversion Questionnaire

Please complete this form as accurately as you can. The more we know
about your requirements, the more we can help you. Keep in mind that we
have solutions that are not listed on this web site and there is a chance -- one way or other --  that we have run across your problem before!

Office Files
Besides your comments, please enter here your phone number and other contact information if you wish to receive a call from us or you wish to be contacted otherwise!
Office Files Originals
What kind of documents are the originals? the originals can be in either paper or already scanned format. You might have PDF or TIFF files as your orinals.
Please list what kinds of other document types you have. Be specific!
What is the original media that has to be converted? You can check multiple media types.
What is the percentage of double sided documents?
Are your original documents organized into groups or units?
Please explain the specific organization of your originals
What are the sizes of the documents?
Please note the approximate quantity or % of the different sizes in the project
Please specify how many pages are in the project. A page can be single-sided or double-sided.

Please explain the size of the project if needed.
Paper Condition
The quality of the original paper have a major factor on the quality, capture and image processing and price of the end product. Please describe here the condition of the originals on this project.
Using your best judgment, how would you characterize the overall condition of the original documents? Paper quality influences the scanning process.
Please explain in detail if needed
Please enter the approximate percentage of the paper weight of the originals
Typically, black print on white background prevails. Are there any pages in the project that are printed on color background and/or color print? Please describe.
Document Preparation
Document preparation can be a major cost portion of the capture process. Please describe the requirements.
Are any pages in the project stapled together? Staples need to be removed before scanning.
Please note special requirements for handling staples in the project.
Are any pages in the project that are clipped together? Paper clips or clamps need to be removed before scanning.
Please note special requirements for handling paper clips in the project.
Some pages are so fragile, that they are not able to withstand the scanning process and special methods need to be deployed. Some of the methods are scanning those pages in a plastic sleeve, ironing the pages, sticking post-it notes on a separate sheet etc... Please explain here in detail if this is the case.
Barcodes are used to make the scanning and indexing process more efficient. They are used for many purpose (document, folder separation, bookmark creation, index entry, tracking of workflow, job ticketing etc...).
More description of barcode-specific information or requirement.
Image Processing Requirements
What kinds of image processing do you require?
Please specify other image processing requirements
Page Segmentation


Output Intent and Requirements
Please describe what kind of output requirements do you have for this project.
Please explain:
The paper documents will be converted to digital files. What will be the final goal of the conversion process?
Please explain:
PDF is the most popular choice these days, but other formats are supported as well.
Please explain:
Many advanced PDF features are supported at the conversion process.
Please explain:
Metadata and Indexing Requirements
Please provide feedback for the indexing requirements.
Please tell us how your files are organized. The indexing requirements usually follow the physical layout of your documents.
Please explain:
The quantity and length of index fields enhances searching and organization, but it is a costly operation. Please specify how many index fields will be needed and how long is the average data length.

Please describe your needed index fields.
Please estimate the average length of all of the index fields.
The captured indexes (metadata) describe the captured files and can be released by a number of various methods. Please specify one or more options.
Please specify you specific requirements for metadata release:
Projected Time Frame, Budget, Location
Please provide feedback here for specific requirements for your project.
What kind of engagement are you looking for?
Please explain:
Please tell us about your proposed schedule
Please specify:
Please tell us about your budget
Please specify:
Please specify the location requirements for the project.
Please specify:

Thank you for taking your time to complete this form. You are probably busy and we know it's hard to take time to write down the information, fill out forms and think about the questions. To show our appreciation, we will promptly return to you with our thoughts even if we can not help you out -- which would be a rare circumstance.