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Scanning and conversion services for general business use

ELAN GMK offers paper scanning and conversion to digital formats. We scan your business documents and drawings, clean up the images and organize them by indexes and make them searchable (PDF).

General Office Scannning and Conversion ServicesDocument scanning and imaging starts with preparation and planning with the big picture in mind.

Regulatory requirements or the need for a more efficient business process ask for automation, ease of access, search capability, a sensible workflow and security.

ELAN GMK can help you implement a system by providing preparation, business planning and performing the actual document conversion service task. In addition, we can transition the same process used for our internal operations as a service bureau and bring it to your facilities for continuing day forward activities. More, if you don't have a document management system already in place, we can set you up with a state of the art, open source web-based solution.

The core services consist the following major operations:

  • Cost Analysis & Assessment, analysis
  • File Conversion of paper document or images
  • Indexing and metadata capture
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • PDF conversion for on-line and/or print destinations
  • or Document Management Application Integration

The following market segments are prevalent to our operations:

  • Financial Services (Mortgage, Brokerage etc...)
  • Pharmaceutical (R&D and compliance)
  • Health Care
  • Products Records, Research & Development
  • Consulting & Knowledge Management
  • Insurance Applications & Claims 
  • Government Agencies 
  • Manufacturing (HR, Accounting, Production)
  • Legal (Litigation, Briefs)

Please take a look at our questionnaire by clicking on the link below and see if we can help you in any way.

QuestionHead General Business Document Conversion Questionnaire

If you decide to purchase a software-only solution, we recommend our ELAN Capture software. For larger operations and higher volumes the ELAN Avalanche (server based processing) would be also applicable.