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Book Scanning and Conversion Services at ELAN GMK

We offer complete services for legacy book conversion to digital content, including book scanning services, image cleanup and page segmentation operations and final conversion to PDF format.

BookConversionService.pngBook scanning and conversion presents unique imaging challenges. This is particularly true if the main usage of the scanned and converted book will be printing on a digital or conventional press.

Technological advances make it possible for booksellers to offer books for sale that are printed on-demand using a digital printing press, one at a time, and do economically. Many books that are out of print are now offered for sale because it is economically feasible to produce even a single copy. The printing process uses digital originals for the on-demand work.

The production of these digital original is our business here at ELAN GMK. We provide technology and services that deliver a high quality product (book block) that is now printable on any print production device. We do it at low cost, using the magic if digital imaging, automated processing and first grade .

Most of the printed books don't have the original artwork for reprint and even if it is available somewhere, it is in a format that is hard to get to. It is possible now -- and most of the time preferable -- to scan an existing book with printing in mind and create a digital master as a  high quality, -based PDF file.

What are the pitfalls when scanning and printing books?

  • Mixed page content. Many books contain pictures and images with text on the same page. Simply put, this creates a problem when printing. Traditional technology uses single-layer scanned images to print. Neither B&W nor Grayscale/Color only is the answer.
  • Screening and Moire-pattern in pictures. Moire is created on different places by placing or lifting dots on/from a page: (1) at printing the original book (2) scanning (3) re-printing.
  • Front to back alignment problems. Printing/binding and scanning introduces mis-alignment that has to be corrected.

ELAN GMK technologies used to address book productions problems:


  • Page Segmentation. Automatic and manual methods are used to detect and separate picture and text regions on the same page. The output is a multi-layer PDF file that can be printed with confidence.
  • Superior image processing. Each region of a page is addressed separately and advanced routines are applied automatically or with manual override. Some of these methods are:
    • De-screening and moire removal
    • Adaptive thresholding with background equalization
    • with high quality, interpolated rotation
  • Automatic page positioning. Front to back alignment is archived using statistical analysis of the page content and high quality, distributed .

Market segments:

  • Digital and offset book printers
  • Book Publishers
  • Universities and collages
  • Libraries

Please take a look at our questionnaire by clicking on the link below and see if we can help you in any way.

If you decide to purchase a software-only solution, your best bet would be our ELAN Proofer Suite(tm) software. For larger operations and higher volumes the ELAN Avalanche (server based processing) would be also applicable.