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Services at ELAN GMK

ELAN GMK offers professional services for the federal and local government, printing and publishing and general office/business market segments. If you ever wondered how to handle your project (build/buy, produce/oursorce), you really need to talk to one of our business consultants. As a software developer and service bureau, we are very well versed in any of the solutions and can provide the best value for your project or organization.
Welcome to ELAN GMK Services

As service bureau, we understand document imaging. Using the same great imaging tools what we are selling as software products, we are ready to attack special projects and be a partner with you solving your problems.

In addition, our standard, high volume service offering provide unparalleled savings in certain market segments. Please explore where we can help you.

General Office Scanning and Conversion Services

Read more about our high volume
scanning and conversion service...

Go to the Business Scanning

See how we support On Demand printing
with superior technology and
productivity. This means great
savings for your business!


Try the Book Scanning

Book Scanning and Conversion Services for On-Demand Printing
Drawing OCR: Make your Drawungs and Blueprints Searchable!

You have all those drawings scanned
already, but you still can't find
what you are looking for? We create
searchable PDF files for you.


Take to the Drawing Scanning

Your maintenance crew is

overwhelmed by the weight and
handling of those service manuals.
We have a solution for you!


Go to the Tech Manual Conversion

Technacal Manual Conversion Services