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Search Tips

Suggestions for searching this site.

Automatic "OR"

By default, if you enter a string of words in the search criteria, the "or" operator is used. For example:
heart disease africa
would find any content containing any (one or more) of those words.

"AND" and "NOT"

To make combinations of words required, use the "AND" operator. For example,
hiv AND africa NOT children
would return results that contained both HIV and Africa, but not children. In place of "NOT", you can also use a hyphen. For example "-children", in the case of the last example.

Variations on a word

Results will vary based on variations of the root word. For example, singular vs plural versions of the same word. If you want to include any variation of the root word, you can add a "wildcard" to your search syntax. Two ways to do this, include:
  • Add "*" to the criteria, which allows any variation on the root. ie tree* would give results for tree, trees, treeline, etc
  • Add "?" to the criteria, which allows any variation of only one letter. ie An? would give results for and, any, ann, etc.

Search for a phrase

To search for an entire, exact phrase, enclose the phrase in quotations. For example,
"heart disease in africa"
would return content that contained that whole phrase.

Additional Notes:

  • Searches are not case sensitive