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Contact points to reach us. Includes general contacts and information for affiliates and partners.
ELAN GMK General Contacts
Contact ELAN GMK 

Our mailing address:

4514 Ish Drive, Suite 107
Simi Valley, CA 93063, USA

Voice and FAX:

  • Tel: +1 805-577-0288
  • Fax: +1 805-285-5389

E-mail addresses:

  • Sales Department:
  • Technical Support:

Online feedback form:

Please submit your comments to ELAN GMK via our feedback form.

Affiliate contacts and registration

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an affiliate of ELAN GMK. Our affiliates earn a commission by placing referral links on their web sites or other surfaces like blogs or social networking posts. Commissions earned are paid periodically.

Affiliate registration

To sign up as an affiliate follow the link below and fill in the registration form:

The User ID and Password fields define your credentials to access the Affiliate interface of the ELAN GMK licensing web site. After the successful signup you will receive a welcome email. This email contains your unique Affiliate ID (number) which is used to create your personal referral links. 

Using Affiliate Referral links is described in a separate document.

Reseller -- VAR -- Distributor -- Partner program

Please contact us if you are interested in reselling, integrating and/or distributing ELAN GMK products or services. After we have established a relationship you will be able to purchase for resale according to our contract terms. Here is the preferred way to register.

Distributor/Reseller registration

Distribution/Reseller status is an upgrade to our Affiliate program. While an affiliate earns commission based on referrals, resellers can purchase products for their customers at a discount.

  1. To become a distributor/reseller you must first register as an affiliate, as described in “Affiliate registration” section above, using the signup form.
  2. To upgrade your status to distributor you must do the following:
    1. Create an account in ELAN GMK Customer Portal. This account will be used to store the licenses purchased by you as a distributor. The credentials provided by you during the registration (email and password) will be needed to access your license information.
    2. If you already have such account, you may use it for the distributor purposes as well. Please make sure that the Affiliate account and the Customer Portal account have the same ownership (e.g. do not use personal Customer account if the Affiliate account belongs to a company)
  3. Send an request email to This email should contain the following data:
    - The User ID of your Affiliate account
    - The email used for Customer account registration
    - Your contact data, if it is different from the one provided during Affiliate account registration
    - Please specify “Distributor access request” as an email topic. 
  4. You will be contacted by an ELAN GMK representative to discuss your personal Distributor discount. When the agreement is reached your Affiliate account will be upgraded to the Distributor status and the Customer account specified by you will be associated with it. You will receive a confirmation email when this upgrade is done from ELAN GMK side. At this point you will be able to purchase products for your customers at a discounted rate using the Product Catalog.
The affiliate capabilities will be accessible to you immediately after the registration as an affiliate. You can use them in addition to the Distributor functionality. See the “Affiliates” section above for details on the Affiliate capabilities.