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Company Profile

Short history, profile and vision statement

ELAN GMK is a privately held corporation headquartered in Simi Valley, California. It is the premier provider of imaging, printing and digital document delivery solutions. The company offers sophisticated software technology packaged as ready to use (off the shelf) software products and tools, software development libraries and OEM solutions for major customers and industry segments. Core competencies include imaging, PDF, database and middleware technologies such as LDAP, MAPI, ODBC etc. ELAN GMK is a well-known player in the document industry because its products are designed for easy integration with other applications and platforms and, in addition, have easy-to-use interfaces in desktop and touch screen driven applications.


ELAN GMK was founded in 1991 by Mr. Zoltan Soos. ELAN GMK products bridge the gap between paper documents and electronic imaging. Initially, ELAN GMK began its operation by providing imaging and scanning services. In 1994, to meet the growing demand for electronic imaging, the company began distribution of software solutions as well as development of sophisticated proprietary software. ELAN GMK was re-incorporated as a California Corporation is 1999.

Today, ELAN GMK provides total solutions from document conversion services to sophisticated software for various industries, including  legal, educational, corporate, knowledge management libraries, insurance, manufacturing, mapping, health care, printing and other markets. ELAN GMK is devoted to partnering with our clients to determine and address each client's specific needs and requirements.

Proprietary Software Applications

ELAN GMK develops and markets the following professional software solutions in keeping with our motto: "Imaging solutions from Paper 2 Web":

  • ELAN Precise Page Positioning (PPP™): A scanning, image cleanup and Quality Control software for producing perfect images for printing and publishing applications.
  • ELAN Converter™: A professional tool for converting raster image files to PDF file format in an unattended operation.
  • ELAN Capture™: The ELAN Capture™ software products are used in document imaging environments to scan and capture content, structure, metadata and images used in business processes and databases.
  • ELAN Professional Proofer™: Book production software for the digital, pre-press and printing workflow.
  • ELAN Imaging & Assembly (EIA)™: Scanning, advanced image processing, editing and assembly application for pre-press.
  • ELAN Technical Manual Converter (TMC)™: Software used to convert complex and large, paper-based documentation into searchable, bookmarked, interlinked and web-optimized PDF format.

Libraries, Toolkits & Plugins

  • ELAN GMK Imaging Toolkit: A set of low-level libraries and binaries used to develop software applications
  • ELAN GMK PDF Toolkit: Development libraries for PDF conversion, editing, merging and rendering used to develop software applications
  • Adobe Acrobat Plugins: ELAN GMK continues to develop add-in programs for Adobe Corporation’s Acrobat product line. Currently available Plugins:
  • ELAN De-Screen: Eliminate Moiré-pattern in images within a PDF file
  • ELAN PDF Image Editor: Plugin for the document and printing industry 

OEM Relationships 

ELAN GMK nurtures relationships with companies that are either involved in or distribute solutions based on ELAN GMK technology, but use their own branding. Please inquire about opportunities in the printing, multifunction, government and document management markets.

Document Conversion Services

Drawing on its heritage of service bureau operations, ELAN GMK maintains a strong network of alliance partners that are ready to undertake large scale conversion projects. Our involvement is usually limited to project management and custom software development or modification. Many companies in the professional services business rely on our partnerships to achieve unsurpassed savings for their customers.

Software Development and Consulting Services

Business opportunities sometimes call for custom software development projects. To meet this growing demand, ELAN GMK engineers stand poised to furnish consultant expertise for a wide array of customized projects. Our engineers are well equipped to offer our clients state-of-the art technology which we can either develop in-house or acquire eternally. Our reputation as a company that consistently delivers quick and bug-free solutions is widely known in the industry. If you are  interested in exploring our custom project support services, please contact us for further information, including professional references.

Vision Statement

All of us at ELAN GMK work with enthusiasm, trustworthiness and honor to be the leading provider in imaging solutions. Our employees are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied. Integrity and reliability are the cornerstone of our business and a critical part of our own company culture. These are the guiding principles that enable us to empower our clients to successfully maintain a large customer base and achieve healthy growth through the use of our innovative software solutions.