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Technical Manual Converter (TMC) product update

TMC is released.

Technical Manual Converter (TMC) product update

TMC -- ELAN Technical Manual Converter

This new release of TMC brings the application up-to-date with modern Windows operating systems (W7, 8, 10, including server platforms). The application libraries were completely updated and recompiled with the latest development tools. Only a few new features were added to the core functionality, but a new software protection and licensing was implemented that now adds self-service licence management and automatic update check.

Download it from our Amazon bucket. For existing customers the download is also available from the ELAN Licensing Server

Release Notes:

Many of the notes reflect the incompatibility issues caused by updated software libraries. These notes are posted for reference only for testing customers. 

  • Fixed: It is now possible to select Full Image or Selected Area processing in the Line Removal and Despeckle dialogs. Full Image processing is a single operation, which can take considerable time for large images. When selected area mode is activated, processing button is highlighted and several selected areas can be proceed one by one, until stopped by Cancel button, or by switching to default mode (using Select Area button in tools ribbon).
  • Fixed: Application will no longer crashes after changing parameter values in the Line Removal tool dialog and a mouse click in the image area. Parameters are applied at Ok dialog button press only.
  • Fixed: All files selection in File Browser with Ctrl+A shortcut was modified to select all files at once, instead of adding them one by one.
  • Fixed: Hyperlink creation buttons are now disabled in File Browser Image viewer. There is no way to save a hyperlink into tif or jpg image file without a job.
  • Fixed: Application will no longer crash after clicking on a Hyperlink right after its creation (prior to saving the job).
  • Fixed: A bug in Ras image processing library was removed. In some rare cases it could lead to incorrect result of pasting of an image fragment into a black&white image.
  • Known issue: Whenever user manually invokes the image rotation operation extra margins are added to the image. If rotation is performed multiple times in a row, the image size becomes progressively larger. For an initially large image this may eventually lead to application crash.
  • New Feature: Keys PgUp/PgDown are used to select previous/next image file, while application is focused at Image View, with both File and Tree Browsers.
  • New Feature: Server connection test was implemented at startup to make sure that is accessible. It allows to reduce chance of errors at critically important licensing or maintenance requests, like online Activation or Deactivation.
  • Fixed: At new Rule Setup dialog, zero or negative size values will be corrected to sizes of default A4 page.
  • Fixed: At Conversion 2 PDF dialog, incorrect Default preferences set is disabled after Clear button press, until any Job is added to a Conversion jobs list.
  • New Feature: Maintenance subscription check was added to main menu Help section
  • New Feature: Maintenance and Updater functions were added to starting splash screen.
  • Fixed: Updater's setup file is deleted after downloadnig and applying, or when it was broken by internet error. 
  • Fixed: Updating full version with expired maintenance subscription is not allowed, so help menu item becomes disabled.
  • Feature: Zoom to Width and Fit buttons now enable the corresponding zoom mode which stays enabled as user browses the images.
    To disable the current zoom mode user may select a different zoom option or use free zoom tool (+/- buttons)
  • Feature: "External image editor" now replaces "PixEdit" in preferences. It can be started from main menu or popup menu.
  • Fixed: Error at Undo for some of image edition actions, like rotations, copy/paste, inversion
  • Fixed: Filter rule setup will now properly display values with decimal point. 
  • New Feature: Converter inch/mm/px was added to rules form. It uses resolution from last viewed image for conversion between pixels and inches/millimeters.