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ELAN Proofer Suite

ELAN Professional Proofer Product Presentation: the essential tool for the digital and offset book printer.
Proofer Suite Workflow Illustration
Proofer Suite Workflow Diagram


Proofer Suite Product Definition

ELAN Proofer Suite™ is a PC-based software solution covering the creation (scanning, document building), preparation or "make-ready" of a digital document (in PDF format) or a set of documents into a single cohesive digital book-block with precisely aligned contents (page content positioning), including impositioning or job ticketing (tabbing) and submission to a cut sheet, continuous feed printer or a digital offset machine.

Proofer Suite Product Definition - Continued

Used by many of the leading book manufacturers world-wide, the Proofer Suite is the most advanced offering from ELAN GMK to satisfy all aspects of the production process of the digital printer:

  • Scanning, image processing, including advanced technologies
  • Handling of image, PDF or PostScript files arriving from a wide range of sources from your customer
  • Assembling these sources into one comprehensive production block
  • Fixing problems associated with these diverse sources
  • Creating the most advanced multi-layered PDF files for superior printing and archiving in a multi-printer and multi-vendor environment
  • Automatically align pages for front to back registration using statistical analysis and easy workflow
  • Integrated impositioning for multiple-up printing to save on click charges
  • Integrated workflow for enabling tab printing including tab creation
  • Comprehensive archiving and printing to production printers (LPR support)
  • Integration with XEROX workflows via JDF job ticketing support

An indispensable tool, a book or digital printing enterprise can truly rely on supporting the widest range of customer's needs. The "works", all the features and sophistication in one offering

Proofer Suite Benefits

The Proofer Suite offers several advantages for different business segments. Please see our assessment and analysis based on our customer's experience:

  • Printers, digital and offset operations: Indispensable solutions for the production floor covering a wide range of file formats, problem solving and printing process support.
  • Publishers: Creating a digital repository of active of passive content that is printer and vendor agnostic makes a good business sense and allows for leveraging existing market offerings. Some of the largest publishers and distributors are doing just that and taking advantage of the new business model of one-up printing of passive or out-of-print books and publications thus adding new revenue streams and cutting cost on returns and inventory.
  • Service Bureaus: capture this new market segment and provide competitive advantage for your customers by creating high quality, printer-agnostic content for the present and future.

Proofer Suite Features

File input: PDF files are the primary input to ELAN Professional Proofer™. The PDF files can be raster (scanned) or vector-based (generated by applications).  Raster or application files must be converted using Adobe Acrobat® prior to job creation within Proofer™. The application operates based on jobs, where one job is defined as a single book consisting of one or more PDF files.

File output: The primary outputs of ELAN Professional Proofer™ are two PDF files: Output File: printer-agnostic single page layout PDF book-block representing the printed book before trimming. Imposed File: The Output File imposed for a specific cut-sheet or continuous-feed printer

  • Operation: ELAN Professional Proofer™ detects page content in the documents and is able to automatically discover and adjust for problems caused by front to back alignment. The adjustments are applied to a copy of the input files and do not alter the original structure of the PDF file(s) The program provides comprehensive controls for page setup, automatic and manual adjustments, integration with Adobe Acrobat®, integrated impositioning application and print submission to LPR or standard XEROX job ticketing application (XDS).
  • Document Assembly: The core application gives the capability of accepting partial (chapter) based PDF input files for one book. Pages can be deleted, replaced and re-arranged. Blank pages can also be inserted.
  • Normalization: problematic PDF files can be "normalized" through the integrated, in-line workflow. The normalizer (if activated) fixes common pre-press problems through Acrobat Distiller integration.
  • Proofing capabilities. Throughout the workflow, page rasterisation is integrated to provide immediate feedback of front to back alignment of the input, aligned, output and imposed stage of files in the workflow.
  • Print Submission: Professional Proofer™ provides submission capabilities through a built-in LRP and print queue management. In addition there is an integration with the standard XDS job ticketing utility for finer control.
  • Archiving: Besides the primary output files, an archiving module is also included, where the operator has complete control about the archive location of the original input files, working and output files, including the options to archive the whole job or burn them to a CD/DVD ROM (Windows XP only).

Proofer Suite Key Applications

Where to use ELAN Proofer Suite?

Owners of digital printing systems who are in the business of producing book and instructional manuals.  
As the application is optimized for fast highly automated page processing, it is great for any for prepress professional.
Anyone being asked to convert a hard copy document into a digital document, or to apply precise back to back alignment and imposition.

What market segments?

Book Publishers, Prepress Service Bureaus, On Demand Printing, Copy Companies, Printing services providers, In-House Print Shops, Commercial Printers, Digital printers, Libraries, Universities and Book Stores.

Proofer Suite Product Highlights

Compare Proofer Suite with other application in this class and you will find many compelling reasons to consider the adaptation of this technology in your workflow. Please compare it with any of the major pre-press applications from Xerox (Digipath, FreeFlow Makeready), EFI (EFI Pre-press Workflow) or XXX as it relates to book publishing and you will see the major advantages the Proofer Suite offers.

    • Scan and process an average book (2xx pages) withing xxx minutes delivering the following functionality:
    • Multi-layer PDF creation containing grayscale/color images and B&W text background for superior printing and archiving
    • Normalized (PDF eliminating most common problems associated with a multi-customer environment)
    • Perfect front-to-back alignment
  • Essential: Normalization etc...

Proofer Suite Product Availability

ELAN Professional Proofer is available in the following configurations:

Professional Proofer Icon


+ PC
Professional Proofer Icon Dell Optiplex PC



+ PC
+ Scanner

Professional Proofer Icon Dell Optiplex PC Fujitsu Fi5750C enhanced Scanner




Fujitsu Fi5750C enhanced Scanner