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ELAN Proofer family

ELAN Proofer family -- the book production software for the digital, pre-press and printing workflow.
Proofer Products in General

The Proofer family of products provide production-quality tools for the digital and offset printer focusing on book printing and production. Powerful enough to satisfy book production processes, but flexible enough to be used as a general-purpose imaging and pre-press solutions.

The seamlessly integrated applications constitute the best in class in book and instructional manual production systems. Each application can pass files to create a batch processing workflow, or be run independently and simultaneously on the same computer. Available either as complete solutions -- bundled with hardware -- or as stand alone applications, they are optimized for fast, high quality automatic document and book processing for pre-press professionals.

ELAN Proofer Suite overview

ELAN Proofer Suite Logo SmallThe ELAN Proofer Suite TM is a PC-based application using the Microsoft Windows Operating System (MS 2000/XP/Vista) to provide a fully integrated solution for the preparation of either a hardcopy or digital book for on-demand printing. This flagship product is fully integrated and includes all the features needed in the process of production scanning, imaging, document assembly, proofing, normalization, imposition, tab handling with job ticketing, printing and archiving including XEROX FreeFlow integration.

Proofer Suite availability

ELAN Proofer Suite is available in different configurations. You can purchase the products as a software-only solution or pre-installed on a state-of-the art PC and a scanner. The pre-installed configurations are popular because of the simplicity of the deployment and the availability of a worry-free maintenance contract that includes on-site hardware repair response.

 Choose this option if you already have a PC and scanner and have sufficient knowledge to install and configure the system. ELAN GMK can provides on-site or on-line assistance as an option.


+ PC
All software and  and the PC comes to you already pre-installed and configured, ready to go. Choose this option if your desire a simple setup and integration option.


+ PC
+ Scanner
All software, the PC and the scanner comes to you already pre-installed and configured, ready to go. Choose this option if your desire a simple setup and integration option.
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Standard ELAN GMK warranty applies. On-site Maintenance contracts are available and recommended at the time of purchase. PC and scanner maintenance is provided by the hardware manufacturers is available nation wide (PC, scanner) and in Europe (PC only). All ELAN Proofer solutions are available directly from ELAN GMK or through XEROX Corporation.

Why Proofer?

ELAN GMK has a long-standing tradition of providing tailored solution for narrow market segments and providing unprecedented productivity. Take Proofer: grew directly from end-customer's needs through an evolutionary software development process that led to a complete solution that addresses all problems in the prepress room and production floor that a digital printer or offset book manufacturer is facing in the day-to-day operations. Compared to existing solutions, we can claim several major advantages. These include:

  • Open, non-proprietary hardware and software architecture
  • Advanced, innovative imaging solutions like page segmentation, automatic content alignment, de-screening etc...
  • Industry-standard file formats and PDF workflow
  • In-line normalization of problematic files
  • Integrated, one-step impositioning supporting many, book printing specific formats and layouts
  • Easy integration of additional tools through Acrobat pug-ins
  • Integration into industry-standard workflow through JDF
  • Specific support for XEROX applications and file formats.
Success Stories -- organizations using ELAN Proofer
Rebecca Johnston,  Vice President, Client Services, Type & Print, Inc.:
"The ELAN Proofer Suite is even better than we thought it would be.  We are delighted. We ran a problematic job through and it took care of all font problems in less than one minute.  It took days the last time around and we never resolved all of the issues.
This job is a perfect fit for us; short run steady work, a lucrative contract.  We were close to passing on the opportunity because we could not resolve the front end problems.  Elan just paid for itself.  Thank you both for your help and support."
Joeseph Cunningham, President, Creative Graphics, Inc.:
"We have been using the ELAN Proofer Suite in a mixed hardware environment for over two years now. All of our files coming from our customers are are first processed through Proofer and aligned before we send it to the XEROX, Oce and IBM printers. The software does a particularly good job with books containing pictures and text "
Dwayne Poepperling, Production, Harper Collins :
"A pwerful solution for scanning a book and cleaning it up for on-demand printing."
Josh Tabory, Production, Copies For Less Printers:
"We are a small shop with a wide range of customers, tight deadlines and high expectations from our customers. ELAN provided us with a great set of tools to meet these demands."
Kathy Mast, Masthof Press and Bookstore:
"We deal with historical books - books that were printed far before the invention of computers and desktop publishing, so we have to scan and make the books ready so they will print - we LOVE the descreening - without this, all the images morie, as we are scanning pages that were printed using a halftome screen - ELAN software makes this simply vanish!"
Tony Finazzo, President, East Ridge Printing, Inc:
"Everyday we find another use for the system. The batch processing is a schedule saver."
John Campbell, Director of technology, Lightning Source, Inc.
"We use all sorts of different software at our shop. We especially like the automated features for page clean-up that ELAN offers."