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Precise Page positioning for Kofax Capture

Custom Module for Kofax's Capture software

Kofax plc is an established software and hardware vendor for enterprise level workflow solutions. Kofax Capture (formerly known as Ascent Capture) is designed with open architecture in mind and can be enhanced with 3rd party applications.

The PPP for Ascent Capture is such a Custom Module and is used by many installations world wide to provide enhanced image processing in regulatory submission settings. 

The following features are supported:

  • Compatible with Kofax Cature 7.0 and 8.x
  • Works with Access databases
  • Integrates into the image processing and QC workflow of Kofax Capture

 The compelling reason to deploy this custom module is the unique ability of PPP to create a 1" margin around the scanned page. This 1" margin is requited by regulatory agencies to provide long term reproducibility, and markup space during the approval process of a certain drug or process.

What is the unique method PPP uses to creates this margin?

  • The page content is detected first
  • The detected content is scaled to the margin requirement
  • Page will only be scaled if needed.
  • Full QC capability to address exception pages

Other software takes the whole content of the input image and shrinks it down to the margin. Thus many times the created image has a much larger white space around the tiny page content.

See the difference between the two processing options: