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ELAN Precise Page Positioning™

A production-oriented image cleanup, margin positioning and tool for scanned document images.
Start Screen

  • Start PPP from here
  • Initiate from here a "Super Batch" for deferred processing
Job Setup

  • Browse to the job folder where your raster images are located
  • Set up network parameters
  • Set up Job parameters
  • Set up printing parameters
Page Setup Screen

  • Canvas size setup
  • Page processing parameters
  • Image detection mode setup
Margin Setup Screen

  • Processing mode (Simple ar Recto-Verso mode)
  • Marging setup
  • Subimage positioning setup
  • Canvas movement setup
Cleanup Screen

  • Set up image processing parameters
  • Deskew, Despeckle, Edge cleanup, Punch Hole removal,
  • QC options
Resize Screen

  • Set resize metrics, recto-verso etc...
  • Set position of resized subimage
  • Set new canvas size
Investigation View

  • Input vs. Output image view
  • Focused Zoom synchronized
  • Highlight of punch holes and subimages for QC
Exception List

  • Displays failed files after bach processing
  • Overview of input vs. output
  • Easy navigation to Good File List or Main Screen etc...
Thumbnail View

  • View Thumbnails from any view
  • Set thumbnail size
Context Menu

  • Invoke from Exception List or Good Files List
  • Convert to PDF
  • Print images