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ELAN Precise Page Positioning™

A production-oriented image cleanup, margin positioning and tool for scanned document images.
ELAN PPP Features
Batch Scanning Supports dual-page display for scanning books.
Batch Processing Process one or more jobs, consisting thousands of pages.
Fast Processing Averages 2 seconds per page (8.5”x11”) at 300 DPI resolution (with 800MHz processor).
Deskewing Straightens images automatically for highest accuracy.
Built-in Raster Editor Allows manual handling for adjusting hard-to-handle images.
Page Decomposition Detects the exact content of the image for later positoning (margin alignment).
Image Cleanup Provides despeckle, object filter options, edge cleanup, and page rotation.
Margin Set Up Selects input for upper, lower, left and right margins - or centers the image.
Canvas Set Up Offers same or selectable canvas sizes.
Recto-Verso Support Sets different margins for odd and even pages.
Reporting Generates extensive reporting for assuring quality control and accuracy.
Resolution Allows for up to 800 DPI image resolution.
File Format Support    Supports monochrome, grayscale other color raster formats.


Detailed Features:

  • Job creation and Settings
    • Select, remove, add one more or all files in a directory
    • Save selection
    • Parameters for output file placement, format and handling
    • PDF output options
    • PDF output of correct canvas size with subimage only
    • Relative or Absolute job handling (network-aware)
    • Printing options, edge to edge printing
  • Processing option
    • Page content detection and positioning with sensitivity setting and customizingcapability   
    • Check for minimum or maximum subimage size
    • Image turning, rotation before processing
    • Check for maximum subimage movement
    • Keep outside of  undetected area
    • Set or keep output canvas size
    • Set up margins and margin alignment
    • Recto-Verso support
    • Subimage or canvas positioning
    • Deskew: several detection and turning/shifting modes, constrains
    • Despeckle: object-based settings
    • Border removal
    • Punch hole removal
  • QC/Reporting options
    • Exception List/Good Files List
    • Reprocess, transfer
    • Resize from exception list
    • Display, imaging
      • Extensive thumbnail generation throughout the application
      • Viewer, Editor, Investigation View with Focused Zoom ™
      • Dual-page view, mini overview
  • Batch Resize Options
    • Resize based on canvas or detected subimage or custom area
    • Resize to new canvas size with margin criteria
    • Recto-Verso support
    • Output image positioning
    • Merge to multipage TIFF or PDF