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Setting Output Canvas

Setting Output Canvas
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Resizing is not limited to increasing or decreasing the subimage size. PPP can also change the size of the canvas.


Consider the following. You have 11 x 17" output images in the Good Files List, and you would like to resize them to an 8.5 x 11" canvas. In this case, go to the Resize page, uncheck the Keep original image size option and set up the Letter size. Specify the resizing margins and you are ready for the batch processing.


Please take a look at the Canvas group box shown in Figure 6-31. It looks exactly like the Canvas group box on the Page Setup page. If the Keep original image size check box is checked, all the other options are disabled, and PPP will not resize the canvas. In this case, the resized image will have the same size as the output image in the Good Files List. Uncheck the Keep original image size box and specify a new canvas size if you wish to place the resized subimage on a canvas having a predefined size.



Figure 6-31. Changing the Size of the Canvas for Resized Images


Note that the resizing margins are measured from the edges of the resized canvas.


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