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Setting Edge Cleanup Parameters

Setting Edge Cleanup Parameters
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Use edge cleanup to remove border from the input images. The Edge cleanup parameters shown in Figure 6-23 are on the left side of the Cleanup page.


Figure 6-23. Edge Cleanup Parameters


At the top of the Edge cleanup group box is a check box which turns the edge cleanup function on and off. Check it to enable the edge cleanup and uncheck it to disable it. If the edge cleanup is enabled, you can set the cleanup dimensions, measured from the edges of the input image.

If the deskew is also turned on, you can choose between the following options:


  • Before deskew: Check to perform the edge cleanup before deskew.
  • After deskew: Check to perform the edge cleanup after deskew.


If odd-even mode is selected, the Verso and Recto tabs will appear and you can specify different values for the odd and even modes. You can use the Mirror button to mirror the current settings to the facing page. For example, if you are editing the verso settings, Mirror will apply the current values to the recto page, except the left and right dimensions will be swapped. To learn more about recto and verso pages, read the Processing Images with Positioning section of Chapter 4.


Use the Guidelines button to transfer the edge cleanup dimensions to or from the built-in image viewer. When you click the button, a menu will pop up with the following options:


  • Update Edge Cleanup From Guidelines: Click to transfer the guideline dimensions from the image viewer and use those dimensions to remove unwanted pixels on the edge. This way you can set up the edge cleanup visually in the image viewer and transfer the dimensions from there. This is a lot more convenient than manually entering in the values.
  • Transfer Edge Cleanup To Guidelines: Click to transfer the current edge cleanup settings to the image viewer guidelines. This way you can visually check if the specified dimensions are correct.


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