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About Good Files List

About Good Files List
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The image processor always makes a log entry for every single processed image. If the processing was successful, the image will be sent to the Good Files List. If an error occurred during processing, the image will be sent to the Exception List.

The image processor will always create an output image if the processing was successful. But PPP cannot check if the image looks like the one you expected.The image processor alone is a blind tool, because it does not provide visual feedback. That's why the Good Files List is there in PPP. The Good Files List provides the same functions for the good files as the Exception List provides for the erroneous files.

The Good Files List is very similar to the Exception List. If you know the Exception List, the Good Files List will be quite familiar to you. However, the two lists are not exactly the same. In this chapter, we will discuss the differences between the Exception List and the Good Files List.



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