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Drawing and Illustration conversion to PDF/Raster format.

ELAN ELIP JM: Highly specialized conversion software with optimized OCR for legacy drawings with service-based automated operation.

software runs on a Windows XP workstation or server as an end-user application or as a service. The main goal of the software application is to take a scanned raster drawing and convert it to a searchable PDF file.
  • Input: Raster drawings (TIFF G4, JEDMICS C4,  and many other common formats)
  • Output: PDF with raster + hidden vector text.

The ELIP JM has two modes: a fully automatic conversion mode that acts as a service -- and the full manual workflow detailed in the ELIP TM product. In many ways the ELIP JM is an extension of the ELIP TM application, although they are very different when it comes to the underlying technology. ELIP JM's segmentation and recognition technology is optimized for drawings that follow certain drafting conventions commonly found in the US manufacturing and building industries.

ELIP JM is designed to provide high volume, unattended, automatic conversion to enable full text search of large volumes of legacy drawing information. 

  • Hot Folders. One or more folders are placed in a "hot folder", all containing raster images to be converted. ELIP JM Service will monitor the hot folder for newly-placed folders/files. Once a "complete folder" condition is met, the drawings will be automatically converted to  searchable PDF.
  • XML Metadata. As an option, each raster image can have an accompanying metadata file in XML or delimited format. This file will be updated with some ELIP-specific information about the workflow state and the outcome of the conversion process.
  • Integration Points. The ELIP JM program offers several integration points that provide interface to other workflows.
  • SQL database back-end. The open-source Firebird database engine serves as the log recording mechanism.
  • Correction Workflow. If desired, the full manual correction workflow can be also enabled to process the raster images. In this mode the workflow is identical to the ELIP TM edition and full quality control of the conversion process can be enforced.
The ELAN  ELIP JM application can be purchased as a Windows application running in service mode for unattended operation.