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Drawing and Illustration conversion to PDF/Raster format.

ELAN ELIP TM: OCR for Illustrations and Drawings with Correction Workflow.

The ELAN  ELIP TM software runs on a Windows XP workstation as an end-user application. The main goal of the software application is to take a scanned raster image and convert it to an output suitable for further incorporation into authoring environments.
  • Input: Raster images (TIFF G4, JEDMICS C4,  and many other common formats)
  • Output: PDF and raster (TIFF G4). The PDF output can be Image PDF, Image + Hidden Text or Image + Vector Text PDF formats.

The ELIP TM workflow consists of several steps, each having extensive quality control tools at the operator's disposal:

  • Job creation. The operator selects a folder with a batch of images for processing. The included files can be now worked on.
  • Image Cleanup. The standard ELAN GMK image editing and image processing tools are available for initial raster image cleanup work. The tools are optimized for B&W line-art enhancements like deskew, despeckle, border removal and editing tools like erasers, lines, etc...
  • Raster Text Separation. The cleaned image will be separated with the proprietary page segmentation routines to find the text entities on the drawing or illustration. The raster separation is needed to aide the subsequent optical character recognition process. Quick imaging tools aide manual fine-tuning of the separation. All the text entities will be placed on a separate layer, while the remaining (line, drawing) entities will be also separated.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The generated text layer will now be processed by the integrated OCR engine(s). The engine used is optimized for drawings and illustrations.
  • OCR and Text Formatting Correction. Rich imaging tools are used to enable quick and effective OCR correction of the recognized text entities.
  • Release. The converted files will be released to one or more of the following output formats:
    • PDF with the raster drawing layer + vector text overlay
    • PDF with the raster drawing layer + invisible vector text overlay
    • PDF with the raster drawing layer merged with regenerated text entities
    • TIFF G4 merged output

The files present in the current job can be released in a batch mode. The release process enables the merging of all the files in the job, or releasing then as separate output files. The ELIP TM application can be purchased as a stand-alone program, or integrated into the ELIP L2 application, that serves as a framework and workflow program to handle PDF-based Technical Orders.