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Drawing and Illustration conversion to PDF/Raster format.
ELIP™ in general

ELAN ELIP™ (ELAN Illustration and Drawing Conversion Program) is a solution to convert scanned drawings and illustrations to either better quality raster images or (searchable) PDF files.

The unique imaging and the integrated character recognition technologies provide a framework optimized for either outputting high quality, visually appealing finished illustrations (TM edition) or for fully automatic conversion of poor quality scanned engineering drawings to searchable PDF format (JM edition).

Cutting edge technology incorporates unique image segmentation routines that filter out the text entities in a scanned drawing, regardless of the orientation of the strings. With the help of several OCR/ICR engines and post-processing routines these entities will be converted to text and incorporated in the output file.

What is the problem with drawing and illustration conversion?

  • General-purpose OCR/ICR programs are optimized for business documents or specific market segments (ex. forms recognition) and can not handle the -- very different page structure of illustrations and drawings
  • Drawing conversion packages are optimized for converting drawings to editable vector files, that are later used in a CAD environment. The main focus of these packages is accurate line (object lines, dimension lines etc..) and scale conversion to enable subsequent editing.

Why use ELAN ELIP?

  • PDF output. ELAN ELIP solves a business or publishing problem, rather then providing an engineering solution. The output of the conversion is targeted to provide content for database repositories or well-formatted content for publishing applications. PDF is the choice of format.
  • Cost effectiveness. The solution provides major savings in labor if compared to drawing conversion software packages or OCR program that simply don't work and a lot of manual correction is needed to have a usable output

There are two versions of ELAN ELIP software. The TM version provides high quality manual correction workflow, while the JM version is designed for high performance unattended services-based operation with optional correction workflow.