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ELAN Converter Barcode Edition

 ELAN Converter Barcode Edition
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In short: this is a barcode-driven PDF bookmark (outline) creation tool for scanned images with encryption support.


ELAN Converterâ„¢ Barcode Edition is a separate application that is designed to recognize barcodes and use that information to create PDF files with bookmarks. The generated PDF files can be encrypted and are searchable if the OCR option is selected. The conversion process operates using a "watch" or "Hotfolder" process. Certain directories (folders) will be designated as "Input directories" that the application -- once initiated -- will monitor for newly arrived files and perform the conversion according to the settings.

The application is controlled by the following settings:

Directories: These are a set of folders used to hold input, output, fail and archive files
PDF settings: Controls the creation of PDF files
Barcode settings: Settings related to the barcodes values and bookmark creation.

Operation Mode:

Create PDF bookmarks (outlines) based on barcode recognition of scanned images. The barcodes can be located on an existing page to be scanned, or can be inserted as a separator sheet(s) in a scanning job. The separator sheets will be scanned together with the original content.

The bookmarks (PDF outline) will be created in a hierarchical manner. The hierarchy levels are associated with certain values of the barcodes present and recognized by the conversion process. The rules for hierarchy levels can be set up by the operator and will be applied to the conversion job.

The created PDF file can be password protected with a value determined by the operator.

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