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ELAN Barcode Printer

 ELAN Barcode Printer
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ELAN Converter™ is supplied with an application that is used to generate user-defined barcode separator sheets. The ELAN Barcode Printer can generate these barcodes using a template-based visual editor. This editor works with templates, that can be saved, loaded and changed in the visual editing environment. The template editor is designed to be used by integrators or advanced users and presumes the basic understanding of property-control dialogs used mainly in visual programming environments.

The  that can print to a system printer (preferably PDF driver) for creating physical, printed barcode separator sheets that can be scanned with the source documents to aide file creation or other (bookmarking, metadata) data automation.

A set of starter barcode sheets are provided for different scenarios.

When you need to create barcode separators, you should know that the barcode images are very precise, and most photocopiers cannot reproduce them very well. So, rather than photocopying more sheets, please use the barcode image or PDF files to print more separator sheets with your laser printer.

The application is available from your Program Files menu where your ELAN Converter™ is installed:



Barcode Printer Application

The ELAN Barcode Printer has a three main components:

Barcode printing main application. This application will be opened up when clicking on the "Barcode Printer" hyperlink. This is essentially a report screen that uses a template (and an optional database)
Designer: the barcode template designer application. The Barcode printing application will use the design template to generate the separator sheets.
Database: A proprietary database holding barcode value and barcode label pairs of information.

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