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ELAN Converter Pro Package Description

Professional PDF conversion software with OCR and barcode recognition

ELAN Converter Pro Pack Descpription


The ELAN Converter Pro product package offers the most complete feature set for mass conversion of scanned images and drawings. It includes the following application items:

ELAN Converter (Image+Text)

ELAN Converterâ„¢ is the main converter application with many options, including the ability to create searchable text. The following features are supported:
  • Input: raster and PDF raster files
    • Optional input: text files
  • Output: PDF (Image PDF and searchable PDF), JPG, TXT
  • Operation modes: Batch conversion and Hotfolder (Watch) mode
  • Complex merging rules
  • Reliable job and folder handling
  • Log generation

ELAN Converter Barcode Edition

ELAN Converter Barcode Edition is a barcode-driven PDF bookmark (outline) creation tool for scanned images with encryption support. ELAN Converterâ„¢ Barcode Edition is a separate application that is designed to recognize barcodes and use that information to create PDF files with bookmarks. The generated PDF files can be encrypted and are searchable if the OCR option is selected. The conversion process operates using a "watch" or "Hotfolder" process. Certain directories (folders) will be designated as "Input directories" that the application -- once initiated -- will monitor for newly arrived files and perform the conversion according to the settings.

ELAN Converter Console Application

ELAN Converter Command Line Mode or  console version that does not have a user interface. You control this version of the program with the command line options. For example, if you would like to convert img001.tif into PDF, open a command window and type in ECONV img001.tif img001.pdf. It is a true 32-bit Windows application having a Console interface.

ELAN Barcode Printer

ELAN Converterâ„¢ Barcode Printer is an application that is used to generate user defined barcode separator sheets. The ELAN Barcode Printer can generate these barcodes using a template-based visual editor. This editor works with templates, that can be saved, loaded and changed in the visual editing environment. The template editor is designed to be used by integrators or advanced users and presumes the basic understanding of property control dialogs used mainly in visual programming environments.
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