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ELAN Capture™

The ELAN Capture™ software products are used in document imaging environments to capture content, structure, metadata and images used in business processes and databases.
Create a New Job

  • Include image files in the job (filters)
  • Set directory and root node name
Job Settings

  • Set up metadata (index) fields and field attributes
  • Relate metadata fields to hierarchy levels
  • Save and load metadata sets
Main interface while processing and indexing


  • Organize your job into automatic hierarchies 
  • Detect and remove barcode separators, create list items or hierarchies
  • Perform batch image processing (deskew, despeckle, border removal, invert, turn, etc.), edit raster images
  • Insert BATES stamps, re-number pages, mask page areas in batch mode
  • Collect metadata (indexing) using OCR "scraping" of the images
  • Rearrange, delete or insert  pages and hierarchies
PDF conversion settings

  • Create indexed, searchable and bookmarked PDF files which are optimized for online retrieval
  • Convert the job based on hierarchy levels, the whole job or individual files
  • Set comression and downscaling parameters
  • Release to different database management and database systems
CD or DVD Publishing

  • Publish your PDF files created by ELAN Capture to CD-ROM or DVD-ROM
  • Search on index (metadata) fields
  • Customize the application with your company logo/message
  • Run the CD/DVD-ROM directly from the drive -- no installation is needed.
  • The small application displays the PDF files as images and opens the default PDF-reader/editor for further use.