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ELAN Capture™

The ELAN Capture™ software products are used in document imaging environments to capture content, structure, metadata and images used in business processes and databases.
Features and Specifications

The ELAN GMK software solutions are based on a modular software development model. Modules are shared among applications to enable a rapid response to each customer's inquiries in a framework that provides a stable code and rich feature set.

The Capture family consists of two product varieties (Basic and Pro -- Pro for Drawings coming soon) that provide options for different needs and functionality. Capture product variants are found in vertical applications and OEM products.

ELAN Capture™ Basic

ELAN Capture is your basic business imaging software with rich scanning, batch image processing, outlining and metadata capture. Conversion modules and CD-ROM publisher is also included. The only difference between the Pro and Basic version is the OCR integration. Basic comes with open source OCR.

Opensource OCR

ELAN Capture™ Pro

The ELAN Capture Pro software provides all of the modules found in the basic configuration, but includes an additional professional OCR engine for added accuracy.

Opensource OCR+Professional OCR

ELAN Capture™ Pro for Drawings

Coming Soon!

The ELAN Capture Pro for Drawings software provides all of the modules found in the Pro configuration, but includes an additional, specially developed OCR engine for making plans and drawings searchable.

Opensource OCR+Professional OCR+Drawing OCR

System Requirements

Operating System:

  • MS Windows 7 or newer (including server platforms)
  • 32 or 64-bit OS

Hardware Requirements:

  • IBM-compatible modern PC with minimum operating system configuration, which varies based on the operating system.
  • Physical hardware or VM environments

Recommended Configuration:

  • Fast, multiprocessor PC with fast hard/solidstate disk and high performance system bus.
  • 4GB RAM. Heavy color document scanning/processing and large format drawings require 8 GB RAM. A business-class graphics card and a 19"+ monitor with 1920x1024+ pixel resolution is also recommended.
  • TWAIN compatible scanner, preferable departmental level with automatic document feeder
Software Requirements

ELAN Capture does not have additional software requirements, all dependencies are included with the installation files.