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Working with Levels & Separations

 Working with Levels & Separations
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Imagine that you are scanning a book and converting it to PDF. It would be helpful to indicate where each section begins and ends, and perhaps bookmark some notable pages. Adobe PDF documents use a hierarchy of bookmarks to help you quickly navigate to these document images, and you can quickly indicate the location and names of those bookmarks before you convert your file to PDF with ELAN Capture. The hierarchy of the bookmarks are represented as levels in ELAN Capture, and you can create these levels automatically with barcode separator documents, or you can create them manually using the tools on the Tree Levels Toolbar.



Now consider a situation where you have a great stack of legal agreements to scan. It would be a slow process if you can to scan, index and convert each agreement separately. ELAN Capture allows you to indicate levels in your images that show where one file should end another begins. In this case, you would load up your scanner with legal documents and put barcode separator sheets between each one. Then you could scan, index and convert the entire batch at once.


Example of Level 1 Used to Indicate New PDF Files and Level 2 to Indicate PDF Bookmarks

When the images are converted to PDF, the result is 3 separate PDF files, and a bookmark for the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

separate-PDF-documents PDF-bookmarks

Images Converted to 3 Separate PDF Files Along with Bookmarks


Once you decide how you want to leverage ELAN Capture's functionality to suit your business needs, you can start configuring your levels and your converstion settings appropriately. Please remember that your Elan representative is available to assist you through this process if you encounter any difficulties.


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