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The Scan Panel

 The Scan Panel
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The configuration for your scanner is a separate piece of software that is entirely dependent on the make and model of your scanner. However, there are some settings related to adding scanned images to your job that can be configured in the Scan panel.


The Scan Panel

If you do not see the Scan panel, go to the Window menu, and select Scan Panel (or press the F9 key).

Prefix, Page #, and Inc (Increment)

These fields pertain to the caption for each image on the tree as well as the filename for the image file in the job directory.



Example of Image Labels


In the hierarchy image above, the prefix of each image caption was determined by the settings in the previous image of the Scan Panel. Each image caption has a prefix of "01_". The first image caption has a suffix of "0002" and the suffix numbers increment (Inc) by 1.

Scanning Mode

This setting determines how new images are put in the tree.


Scanning Mode Set to Append

Append: adds newly scanned images to the bottom of the tree.
Replace: deletes the selected image and puts the new image in its place.
Insert: puts the newly scanned image directly below the selected image. If your image captions have an increment of 1, ELAN Capture will take the caption of the selected image with an "a" added to the end.


Note that if you append or insert images, the image prefix will change to "AA-".

Show TWAIN Settings

You can choose how often you want to review the TWAIN Settings dialog when you click the Scan button.

Please note that, depending on your situation, the TWAIN settings window may open automatically, or you may need to maximize the ScanEngine window. scan-engine


Never: the TWAIN settings dialog will not open. This is the preferred setting if your documents  to be scanned always have the same properties. (E.g. always single-sided, black & white, 300 DPI)
For the first scan: the dialog will open for the first scan of the job.
Always: the dialog will open each time you click the Scan button. Use this setting if your documents constantly vary; for example when some are black and white, but others are color; some documents need to be scanned double-sided through the automatic document feeder, but others need to be placed individually on the glass.



Select TWAIN Source

When you configure ELAN Capture for the first time, you will need to select a TWAIN device. Also if you have multiple TWAIN devices installed on your scan station, you can select another here.


Select Source Dialog

To indicate or change an installed TWAIN device:

1.Click on the Select TWAIN source
2.In the Select Source dialog, click on the device you desire.
3.Click Select to implement the change or click Cancel to close the dialog box without making a change.


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