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Publish to CD

 Publish to CD
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ELAN Capture features a publish to CD capability to help you distribute your PDF files quickly and professionally. This command will gather the appropriate files for you into a single directory from which you can burn a CD. These files include special PDF browsing and auto-run software that will give your user an intuitive PDF browsing experience when the CD is loaded into the computer.

2.Click the Publish to CD button. publish-to-cd-button The Publishing Directory dialog will open.



Publishing Directory Dialog

3.A default publishing directory is indicated for you, this is simply a holding place for the files that you will burn to CD. You can accept the default or indicate another location.
4.It is likely that you will use this same publishing directory each time you burn a CD of PDF files; for this reason ELAN Capture checks the box for "Clean directory if exists" by default. If by chance you want to keep the old files there, simply uncheck the box.
5.The current job files are included by default for you. However, you can include more by clicking the Add button.
6.Next are the PDF files to include. The files you have converted are included for you, and should you need to add other PDF files, please click the Add button and select more.
7.In the Custom files area are applications for finding and browsing your PDF file. Here again, you can add others if you like.


Tip: to remove files from any of the boxes, simply select the text of the file path and touch the Delete key.

8.When you have verified that your lists of files are complete, click OK. ELAN Capture will put a copy of all those files at the specified location.
9.Now, using the software you have for writing CDs, you can easily create professional, intuitive CDs of your PDF files.        
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