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Conversion to PDF

 Conversion to PDF
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Once you have all your images edited, arranged in hierarchical order and indexed, you are ready to convert them to PDF.

1.To start the conversion process, click on the Convert button. convert-button        
2.The Conversion 2 PDF dialog will open. Here you need to review a number of settings that are described below.
3.When you are ready to procede, click the Process button. process-button
4.Watch the progress indicators along the bottom of the window until the "Current Status" displays "Complete", and then click the Close button. close-button



Conversion to PDF Dialog

Conversion Jobs

By default your current job is selected; however, you can include other jobs by clicking on the Add button add-button in the bottom left corner of the Conversion window. You will see a browse window where you will need to find the .enf file for the corresponding job.

Likewise you can remove a job by selecting the job and clicking the delete-button button.

To remove all the listed conversion jobs and start over, click clear-button.

Conversion Type

This is where you choose how many PDF files you will create from this conversion process:

Convert to single PDF file: all images in the selected job files will be collected into a single PDF file.
Convert by hierarchy level: each separation in the hierarchy will represent a new PDF file.


Hierarchy Split Level

If you chose "Convert by Hierarchy Level", you need to indicate at what level you want the split to happen. The default value is 1, but you are free to choose any of the 5 levels:

level-1-book - Level 0 (Book)

level-2-chapter - Level 1 (Chapter)

level-3-sub-chapter - Level 2 (Sub-chapter)

level-4-part - Level 3 (Part)

level-5-section - Level 4 (Section)

Output Directory

This is the location of the PDF file(s) you are about to create.

PDF File Name

The name of the PDF file takes on the job's name by default; however, you can change that here if you prefer.

Overwrite Existing Files & Suffix


Conversion 2 PDF Settings for Adding a Suffix to the File Name

You can choose to have ELAN Capture overwrite PDF files already in that folder with the same name. If you leave the box unchecked, ELAN Capture will add a suffix to the filename to make it unique. The default suffix is 01, but you are free to choose another if you like. If there are more than two files with the same file name, ELAN Capture will increment the suffix to 02, 03, 04 and so on. To add the suffix to the file name whether or not it is a duplicate, check the box beside Use always as suffix.

Replace Space Characters with an Underscore

If you intend to use hyperlinks to your files, you may not want spaces in the filename as these special characters sometimes cause problems for web-enabled applications. In this case, check this box and ELAN Capture will insert an underscore where there are spaces in the filename.


If you scanned your document at a high resolution and want to reduce the resolution when you save to PDF so that your file size stays small, you can choose one of three downscale options:

Interpolated (B&W only)


Conversion 2 PDF Downscale Settings

Once you choose the downscale method, select the new resolution.

PDF Type

PDF can accomodate both the image and hidden text. When you choose "Image + Text" ELAN Capture employs leading edge optical character recognition (OCR) technology to translate the scanned image into text. This can be useful for searching or saving the PDF as a text document later.

Page View

When the PDF file is opened, you can indicate here the zoom view: fit to page will zoom to display the entire page; fit to width will show the entire width of the page in the window.

Create Tags

If you have added index information, you need to have this option checked in order to have it saved with your PDF file.

Create Outline Tree

Check this box to have the hierarchy that you have built in your job tree can be represented through a hierarchy of bookmarks in your PDF file.

Show Outline

With this box checked your PDF file will display your outline of bookmarks when your PDF file opens.

Create Temporary PDF for Network Job

This feature is very helpful when need to save a file across the network. When this box is checked, ELAN Capture will process  the images to create the PDF file on the local hard drive and then send the finished file to the network location. This reduces network traffic and speeds up the overall processing time.

Optimize for Web

Check this setting if you would like your PDF file to start displaying the first pages that have loaded while the rest of the file loads.

Maximum Level Depth

If your hierarchy is very deep, you can limit the number of levels represented in your PDF file. The images beyond the limit you indicate will be included in the PDF file; however, the bookmarks for those levels will not be included.

Process Halftones

Check this setting if you would like ELAN Capture to get halftone information from your image and include with your PDF file. (For more information, please see Acrobat's Help section on halftones.)

Apply apply-button

Clicking this button applies your setting changes.

Default default-button

You can reset all your conversion preferences to the factory defaults by clicking the Default button.


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