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Capturing TABS using ELAN Capture

The requirement is to scan and print a 3-ring binder that contains many pre-printed tabs. The tabs will be presented in a final PDF file as bookmarks (PDF outline). The bookmarks can be used to control a production printer that will pull tabs at the printing time.

Note: the printer control software (used to print the tabs) is not included. 


Capture Job Setup:

  • Set up metadata fields
  • Set up barcode rules
  • Set up and print barcode page separators

Document Preparation

  • Disassemble book or manual (remove from binder or cut off spine)
  • Replace TAB pages with barcode separators


  • Scan all pages double sided 600 DPI

Capture Processing

  • Create Capture job
  • Import settings for field metadata, barcodes conversion settings
  • Detect barcodes and create outline
  • QC metadata, edit field as needed
  • Image processing (deskew, despeckle, border removal)
  • Process  job and create PDF files

Capture Release

  • Release job to desired destination (file system)
  • Release job to CD-ROm Publishing

CD ROM/DVD publishing

  • Optional: create custom artwork for the CD-Rom browser