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ELAN Capture™

The ELAN Capture™ software products are used in document imaging environments to capture content, structure, metadata and images used in business processes and databases.
ELAN Capture™ Product Highlights

ELAN Capture™ provides a complete solution for scanning, indexing and PDF conversion of documents used in business processes. The paper-based originals or scanned images are quickly transformed to PDF format, providing instant access through searching based on text content and metadata. The integrated imaging and barcode recognition tools provide high level of automation during the conversion process. The included CD-ROM publishing application is royalty-free.

Product Highlights

  • ELAN Capture™ is a professional scanning software for document capture applications. The scanning process is automated by the use of barcode recognition. Barcodes can be printed and recognized.
  • The user can easily configure actions (hierarchy creation, list item creation, indexing) based on barcodes. Image processing operations can be performed interactively. Fast and natural page detection, resizing, reordering and editing tools are at the fingertip of the operator.
  • Hierarchical job handling gives the user a natural way of looking at large amounts of information.
  • In addition, you can add index information (metadata) to your image files to help you quickly retrieve it later -- regardless of where you have filed it. Using industry-leading optical character recognition (OCR) technology, ELAN Capture™ can recognize the text on your images, and save the image along with the text hidden in the file to allow for even more precise search capabilities.
  • Convert the rich information discovered by the fast and effective imaging and outlining tools into PDF format.
  • ELAN Capture™ lets you capitalize on rich PDF functionality such as optimizing your created PDF files for the web, creating bookmarks, embedding metadata and creating hyperlinks.
  • A royalty-free CD/DVD-ROM publishing application is also part of the offering.
  • The Capture products are widely used as front-end to database and document management applications. Easy to send the PDF files and the metadata to CRM, accounting or other management systems.



ELAN Capture products availability

ELAN Capture is available in different configurations. You can purchase the products as a software-only solution or pre-installed on a state-of-the art desktop PC or workstation-class laptop PC and as an option, shipped with a scanner. The pre-installed configurations are popular because of the simplicity of the deployment and the availability of a worry-free maintenance contract that includes on-site hardware repair response. Please contact us for pricing with these configurations! We will be happy to provide a custom quotation based on your needs.